Principals Message


Principal’s Message

Dear Crestmont Elementary School Families,

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year at Crestmont Elementary! I hope you have enjoyed your summer vacation and are looking forward to the new school year.  I am excited to be working with the families and staff to continue building a strong academic program at Crestmont.



We continue to be designated a MASTER School, which means we will be focusing on Mathematics, Art, Science, Technology, Enrichment and Reading. Our faculty and staff are excited about the future of Crestmont. I am honored to be a part of such an amazing school community.  We are focused on helping children develop a passion for reading. To do this, we are encouraging families to read together each night. Attendance and direct instruction are vitally important to student learning, please make certain that your child is at school on time and stays the entire day.


The custodial staff at Crestmont has been busy preparing for the new school year. The custodians and district personnel worked over the summer to make sure our campus was ready for the first day.


The first day of school is an exciting day for everyone, and with the first day comes a great amount of information and paperwork. An email will be sent shortly with information on how to access the Annual Family Notice on this website.  The Crestmont School Parent Handbook will be posted on our website along with additional pertinent information regarding our school. The handbook is there to answer any possible questions you may have. If you do not have access to the Internet and need a hard copy, please stop by the office and we will be happy to provide one to you.


Safety is very important to all of us. This year our campus will be even more safe in the minutes before school. You are welcome to walk your child to school. There will be two gathering spots this year at 7:30. The front of the school will be supervised and students will line up by the green gate located at the front of the school. Summerhill Dr. will be open for students, and they will be supervised by a teacher. One of our teachers on yard duty will be watching this entrance. Please feel confident that the children will be safe and avoid the front parking lot if at all possible. If you plan to drop off your student in front of the school please do so with great care. Please do not use your cell phone while in the parking lot. Summerhill Court will be open for drop off and pick up but not in the same capacity as last year.  Complimentary Breakfast is being served in the lunchroom at 7:25 am.



Many of you are involved in the school, and I cannot thank you enough for your time and dedication to Crestmont.  Without you, many of the things at Crestmont would not be possible. If you would like to be more involved, I encourage you to become a volunteer in the classroom and/or help out with our Parent Teacher Club (PTC).  Our PTC does an amazing job organizing events and they could use your help. I would like to have parents volunteer each day in the copy room to support our teachers so that they can focus on curriculum and instruction.

For the families returning to Crestmont, thank you for your continued support of the school and community.  To our new families joining us this year, I would like to welcome you to Crestmont. If you ever have questions or concerns during the school year, please contact the staff at any time.  Our weekly communication is very helpful when planning for your child’s week. Please refer to it as we do update it each week. We look forward to an amazing 2022-2023 school year.



Jeri Farmer,



MASTER School (Mathematics, Art, Science, Technology, Enrichment and Reading)