Earn Easy Money for Crestmont 
Box Tops for Education


Box Tops for Education coupons can be collected throughout the school year. Please note that Box Top coupons do have expiration dates printed on them. Expired Box Tops will not be accepted and the date must be fully visible in order for our school to receive credit.

Click the Box Tops for Education website link for more information. You can also register and receive many member benefits including email newsletters, printable coupons, Bonus Box Tops opportunities, monthly sweepstakes, and Marketplace. A link to a Crestmont Collection Sheet is below.

The simple and FREE way to support Crestmont every time you shop!

It’s simple to sign up:

  1. Visit raleys.com/extracredit
  2. Click on the green “Start Here” button.
  3. Choose Crestmont Elementary.

Just shop with your Something Extra account, and we’ll donate to Crestmont Elementary with every qualified purchase. The program offers additional savings to members and continues to give back to local area schools.
For information on the program email fundraising@crestmontptc.org