Class Interruptions


It is our goal to reduce the number of interruptions to the instruction program, and therefore, increase the amount of time on task for students.  You, as parents, can assist us in this by:

Lunches, homework, library books, etc. will not be delivered to the classroom and students will not be called out of class to pick them up from the office.  Items delivered during instructional hours can be placed on the “Drop Off Zone” table in the office and your student can pick it up during recess or lunchtime.  If lunches are not picked up by lunchtime then we will call the classroom.

After school instructions for your student should be made before school.  It can be difficult and disruptive to get messages to students before school is out.  We do realize that unforeseen circumstances can occur and we will do our best to relay the message to your student in the instances.

Students leaving early for other reasons then illnesses, medical appointments, funerals or emergencies are another interruption to a classroom.  Please do your best to minimize checking your student out of school early.